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Disappointed now... [Oct. 25th, 2006|09:16 am]
This suggests that it won't be the original National Theatre cast, but a touring cast, when I go to see The History Boys. Feel like stamping my feet. I had some really cool questions to pose regarding the transition of the play to film, too.
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Review, hurrah! [Oct. 24th, 2006|06:14 pm]
Wrote the following review for the uni paper. My big print debut. Am so star-struck!

Speaking of star-struck, I'm going to see the National Theatre performing The History Boysin Llandudno in a couple of weeks -- and I think it might be the original cast. I'm going with the uni and they've arranged an interview with the cast after the performance. Might be meeting Richard Griffiths and Francis de la Tour -- How cool is that? Really hope it is them. I know whoever's in it will do a fantastic job, but it would be so cool to actualy meet Francis de la Tour. She is love.

And Richard Griffiths moves us nicely onto Harry Potter. Anyone else seen the new OotP pics? They've gone and flattened Radcliffe's and Watson's hair. Noooooo!

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An eventful couple of days [Oct. 22nd, 2006|11:20 am]
Wow. We were in a car accident yesterday. There's a lot of pointless work and traffic on the A55 (which we have to travel on to get ANYWHERE). So we turned out of the village, onto the main road, hit instant traffic, and there's a bang behind us. I look behind to see what happened, and there's another car coming at us REALLY fast. I don't remember actually getting hit, but I remember looking round and the stereo being popped out and Dave not moving and panicking from there. We're both fine, he was just stunned. Thank God we were wearing seatbelts, though. We're both really stiff today. Cos I was looking around my neck muscles on one side don't seem to be working properly. Most amazingly of all, our pile o' shite car has one dent, and that's it! Good ole pile o' shite car!

Anyways, have been busy busy doing uni stuff and writing for the uni paper. I'm doing reviews for it. Aren't I swish? One book review for We Need to Talk About Kevin and a movie review for The History Boys (Which I thoroughly reccommend -- Go see it!)The History Boys is also on at Llandudno as a play, so if I get any birthday money I'm going to go see it. Cos the film was really excellent!
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Did you know... [Oct. 17th, 2006|02:21 pm]
...That Buffy/Riley are the most unpopular BtVS 'mainstream' pairing on LJ, and falls quite a bit lower than most un-mainstream pairings. When searching 'Buffy/Riley' on peoples' interests, there are only 54 results returned, including communities. Full results of my little experiment are as follows:

1) Spuffy 645
2) Buffy/Spike 541
3) Buffy/Angel 552
4) Willow/Tara 519
5) Willow/Oz 324
6) Buffy/Giles 206
7) Xander/Anya 158
8) Spike/Dawn 133
9) Faith/Buffy 124
10) Spike/Drusilla 116
11) Willow/Spike 99
12) Buffy/Xander 78
13) Faith/Spike 69
14) Buffy/Riley 54

This is all the data I've gathered so far (For my gender essay, BTW -- I aim to show that, through gender role reversal and eventual acceptance of gender stereotypes 'somewhere in the middle', Spike and Buffy work to evolve a strong, mutually satisfying relationship with which most people can identify -- Hence finding popularity of pairings) Anyone have any suggestions for pairings I haven't tried? The next step is Google searching and trying the same trick at ff.net.
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Still can't figure it out... [Oct. 12th, 2006|10:22 am]
...Why I don't like my Novel teacher. I mean, he seems nice enough. I think it's because he's so insincere. He said at the end of class -- once again filled with silence, and no one knowing whether the questions he was asking were rhetorical or posed to us -- and said he was 'really looking forward to our next session'. I mean, it just had to be a lie, right? He'd gone with the trendy suit this morning, I could tell. Egh, I just can't figure out why I dislike him so much! Everyone else is saying he's weird, but it's not that. I mean, I've liked -- I've gone out with weirder. I think it's 'cos he's trying really half-feartedly to do what my literature teacher for A level did: to be a clever silent type. Dr Chris Jones could pull it off. He doesn't. He seems more like he's spending an awkward tea time with his Great Aunt Florence. IT's not good.

I went to see The Devil Wears Prada last night, and am still undecided on where I stand regarding it. Meryl Streep did a fabulous job, and I can see where the magazines are coming from with the whole 'Whee, a woman with CAREER PROSPECTS!!!' but I'm still uncomfortable about the whole miraculous change from 'ugly' to 'super-model'. I like that she wasn't ugly, she just clearly (like me) valued her sleep in the morning. And I like that she makes the transformation to show that she's serious about her job, not to win the guy or get with the 'in' crowd -- her bitch co-assistant still bitch to her throughout the film, despite her final remark. I like that they had a woman who was strong and ran everything, but still had emotions and priorities and carried on with what she had to do.

What I didn't like was the fact that Andy was only really accepted by her boss once she had conformed. All her boss really wanted was an ideal assistant. And, let's face it, Andy could have delivered the Harry Potter or whatever without looking like a model -- In fact, it probably would have been easier running around New York without the stillettoes. I didn't like that our heroine couldn't be good at her job without her boyfriend deciding she was a different person. You know what? I have long hours, I study at home, I get called by Gill in the evening to check on something, I've had to work on Dave's birthday, on my birthday, and we still pulled through. And you think I didn't notice what kept her boyfriend hanging around so long? From the moment she changes their clothes, the only positive thing you see them do together is have sex. As long as he stil gets sex, he's happy. And did you notice how the only other person she really let down was her Dad? And how she couldn't get to her boyfriend's birthday party but she could get to her (female) friend's gallery opening? Hmmmmm. And finally, the big crappiness of sleeping with her 'big connection', of finding out about Miranda's replacement by sleeping with some sleaze who she's only met, like, three times and who, as she says herself, keeps using truly cheesey lines on her.

This film does do a lot, it's funny and witty and really does prove that, no matter how many people want your job, it's still going to feel like a crappy job! It shows that you have to work hard to get what you want, to be where you want to be, and it involves tough decisions. But there are still those few niggles that make me think 'hrmmm, I don't like some of what this si saying'. But then, that';s just me. Anyways, it's a cool flick. Go see it!
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2006|02:33 pm]
Little girls doing baby talk to cats ... Is there anything more nauseating?
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Buffy essays? [Oct. 10th, 2006|09:20 pm]
I've been reading essays in the Feminist Media Studies journal at university and also this and was intrigued by the couple of points on Spike as phallic symbol and inherantly male. I've always thought of Spike as, actually, the more feminine -- if not of the Buffy/Spike pairing, then of the male BtVS characters in general.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

So, yeah. Is there a gender essay on Spuffy out there? Or am I going to have to write my own? Anyone know?

Other cool stuff: I'm going to see Patrick Stewart in The Tempest in London with my university. How cool is that? Freakin' Picard as Prospero! It's like all my SF geek fantasies came true! Really gutted I can't go see Ian McKellan in King Lear, though. Not my favourite play, but still -- Gandalf! Same room as Gandalf!
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Oh, and some writing: [Oct. 9th, 2006|11:50 am]
My assignment for Showing & Telling class at uni. We had to write the same situation (based on the theme of 'leaving') twice -- When demonstrating the art of showing, one telling.

Getting UpCollapse )

My homework for The Novel was to write a brief synopsis of an epic, roughly following what we studied in class. I've done something based around the Romans' non-invasion of Scotland. When the Romans start to take over the rest of Europe, the Scottish Celts go, 'Shit! That ain't gone be us, muthafuckas!' and send a champion to the Gods. The story would be about the trials the champion is put through, in order to grant their country immunity from the bastard Christians.

This was divised at midnight on Saturday, after I was very crying and whiny at Dave along the lines of, "I'm so shit, I can't even write an epic!"
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Ever have a day where you just feel pretty? [Oct. 9th, 2006|11:38 am]
I'm having one of those days. I have a gorgeous yet inexpensive outfit, my hair is perfect -- I'm pretty! Yay!
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Birthday treats, whee! [Oct. 8th, 2006|11:59 am]
We booked the tickets today for my birthday treat. We're going to go see The Producers in Drury Lane, and then spend a day looking around the art galleries in London. I'm really hoping we get lots of time to look around the Tate Modern. I've been before, but we went to see an Andy Warhol exhibition, and so didn't get to look around the rest of the gallery. We might even go on the Eye if we can afford it. I'm going to take a couple of days off around my birthday, so we can take our time driving down to London, maybe stop the night with Dave's sister on the way. We're (hopefully) going to stay with my brother in Greenwich. Haven't asked him yet, but he says we're always welcome. If not we can ask Emmy to stay with her in Kent.

Dave's been painting me this morning. He doesn't think it's very good, but I love it. It's not finished yet, though. I am very pale and yellow. Hee! Am going to paint him again tonight. I have loads of candles, so I want to try it with different light.
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